Two Types of Volunteer Opportunites

There are two ways in which you can make a BIG difference at your library.  One is through one of our On-Going Volunteer Opportunities.  These jobs would work for you if you want to schedule a set time to volunteer each week, or every other week for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Here are our On-Going jobs:

Adopt Some Shelves!
We are so fortunate in that your Library is used A LOT!  Things can get a little messy.  We will assign to you your own special section or collection of books or other materials to straighten and order.  Each time you come to volunteer you would spend 30 minutes caring for your shelves.

Toy Cleaning!
We will provide you with cleaning supplies and you will make sure our little ones are playing with cleaner toys.

The second way to volunteer in the Youth Services Department is to be On Call.  We will contact you when a specific very important need arises and you can let us know if you are available.

Here are our On Call jobs:

Program Prepping
We often have paper that needs to be cut, flyers to be folded, rocks painted, string measured, who knows!

Program Set Up
When we have a big event at the Library we often need help setting up crafts, chairs, tables, books and more.

Program Assistant
Sometimes our programs are wonderfully busy!  We need extra hands to help children and caregivers with crafts or snacks.

Dress Up Time
This job requires you to wear a character costume for a library event.  Because of the size of the costumes, you should be at least 5 feet tall.

Want or Need to Volunteer More?

Would you like more volunteer hours?  Or maybe the jobs we have just don't seem to speak to your heart and/or gifts right now?  Don't worry, there are so many additional opportunities to serve in our community and beyond.  Check out Pittsburgh Cares and you can search needs in our area.  If you would like help using this database or would like more information about local volunteer needs we can help you with that, too.  Just stop in and ask or send an email to with the Subject Line:  Looking for Local Volunteer Opportunities.  We are happy to help you connect your gifts, talents and giving hearts to those in need.  THANK YOU for wanting to give of yourself to make this world a better place.